Captain Jack and the Furious Few
A gifted pilot and head-hunted by the navy as a teenager, Belfast born John Milligan McCleery (11-14) was at the forefront of wartime aviation technology and despite the dangers, he bravely put himself at great risk.

BBC 4 produced a documentary on the life of John who was one of the pioneers of a secret programme that would change the nature of warfare forever: the development of the first aircraft carrier.

John was one of the elite group of pilots chosen for this mission. He was eighteen years old in 1917, when he was recruited for nine months of intensive training, and then posted to HMS Furious. Over the next two years the techniques of taking off and landing with wheeled aircraft on a specially prepared deck were developed by Jack McCreery and his fellow pilots, and HMS Furious became the world’s first dedicated aircraft carrier.

Watch the documentary here.

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