Artemis Quadrathlon 2020

One of the best one-day challenges in the UK, The Artemis Great Kindrochit Quadrathlon is an exhilarating test of stamina, strength and fitness and returns on 4 July 2020! 

There is a gathering planned at the ARTEMIS office in Edinburgh on Monday 20 January to showcase the event and explain in more detail to those interested what it entails. It would be fabulous to get as many Merchistonian pairs signed up as possible!   Email Jane Hansom if you would like to attend.

Alasdair (03-08) and Kit Abram (03-08) have previously competed in the event and tell us a little bit more about what you can expect: 

“Al competed in the event a few years ago with our older brother Doug, and I have been involved in the event with my dad and uncle a number of times.  We decided to test our relationship last year, and compete together for the first time!!

We decided to raise funds for two great charities, Mary’s Meals. We managed to exceed our target of £2,000 eventually raising c.£3,000 for great causes.  

The event really is the best weekend experience you can have from dinner, drinks on the Friday to cutting the watermelon with a sword and a party on the Saturday and this experience is down to the superb work done by David Fox-Pit and his team at WildFox events.  

The day starts with a mile swim, followed by climbing 7 Munros (over 15 miles) including the Ben Lawers range, then to finish, a 7-mile kayak and a 36-mile cycle around Loch Tay.  
I found the swim a struggle as I was so cold (and a wimp) and as you can imagine I was met with some choice words of encouragement by Al however, very soon into the run the roles were quickly reversed and we slogged across the 7 Munros before dropping down to start the Kayak.  

We both came off the Kayak full of energy however my energy levels dropped very quickly due to a lack of eating (much to the frustration of Al).  We got ourselves over the line in just over nine hours and managed to come third out of around 150 pairs which we were very chuffed with.  

The event is a must! We want to better our time so hope to do it again this year.

All in all, it is a great test not only of you as an individual but as a pair. The importance of working together as a team in each discipline is paramount.  The support around the course is immense. Some teams take it very seriously while others are there to enjoy the day and raise some money for Mary's Meals.  It is a proper event and I think I speak for both myself and Al when I say that it is such a good experience and we loved every minute of it, even the fighting!  Sign up and I’m sure you will love it.”


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