Lockdown Life - Michael Pancheri (61-66)
Michael Pancheri (61-66) completed the rebuild of his 1935 MGPB during lockdown.
When we weren't basking in the sun, I was able to complete the rebuild of a 1935 MGPB. I had started this with a small collection of components, including the essentials, a chassis frame and a pair of axles. The chassis is basically a steel, ladder-like contraption onto which everything else is attached. Without the chassis, the project wouldn't go ahead. 

When I started, I intended to create a light, quick road car which I could use for a bit of racing as well as trips to the pub for club gatherings. I reckoned about 5 years to complete, which would have given me a couple of seasons before I retired. In fact it took me about 16 years, and was finally completed and running by the end of July. It is exactly what I had planned, but unfortunately I am 10 years older than I had planned to be, with 2 replacement hips and advancing general decrepitude. 

They say everyone should have a hobby. Some people play golf, others ride horses, this was my hobby. To have completed it finally, and to have driven it on the road, has given me enormous satisfaction, but it is time to pass it on to someone more suited to using it the way I had hoped.

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