Merchistonian Careers' Cafe - Johnny Tam (05-13)
Massive thanks to Dr. Johnny Tam for hosting a Merchiston Careers' Cafe for current pupils on 19 November 2020.

After Merchiston Johnny went on to read Medicine at Clare College, Cambridge and University College London. Graduating in 2019 he returned home to Edinburgh, where he now work as a foundation year 2 doctor in NHS Lothian. Eventually he wants to train as either a neurologist or a neuroradiologist, but hasn’t quite made up his mind yet!

Johnny invited the pupils to find out more about a career in Medicine from someone just a few years ahead of them. He talked about the daily life of a junior doctor in the COVID-hit NHS, career progression, as well as the nitty-gritty on application to medical school.

We received some lovely feedback from the Pupils after the session:

"It was nice to hear from someone who used to go to the school and was going through the exact same path as many of us who were listening."

"Good to hear about the other aspects of medical school, and tips on trying to get into medical school. It really helped with figuring out how to approach moving forward towards medical school. The different things that he encounters on a daily basis sounded really interesting aswell."

"I found it interesting that he was able to practically do what he had learnt in university on a daily basis."

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